Better Half – Sykamore

On a long summer road trip, a young duo’s relationship is completely unbound to the stretches of highway and their emphatic love reaches beyond the horizon.

Shimmering gold fields blur past the windows of two young adults as they travel down the open highway, with not a care or destination in sight.

With basis off the lyrical interpretation of BETTER HALF, the traversing imagery is illustrated by its use of automotive references and run away energy.

  • Client Sykamore
  • Production company DDG
  • Director Brock Davis Mitchell
  • ProducersChris KriegerBrock Davis Mitchell
  • CrewNick ThomasBraden DereniwskiChantelle KolesnikRyan Bouman
  • Camera Car OperatorRon Webber
  • Grip and ElectricAnish BahlConnor Couzens
  • MakeupCosette Beauty
  • StarringJordan OstomPeter LobasDerrik Birkmann
  • Special Thanks toAlex BahlsenLes LongClark ManchesterNoah FallisCarl DenisLinda HalsteadBrigette BenneteSean TonerBrendon RathboneTodd GallantJill SnellBlake McWilliam
  • Stills Provided byChantelle Kolesnik