Constellations – Zaac Pick

A failed shuttle launch leaves an early cosmonaut stranded amongst the unknown.

His family at home grapples the significance of exploring the outer limits of space, and the chance that they may never be together again. In this time of impending tragedy, it is their other-worldly connection that leads them blindly to hope.

Created in collaboration with Zaac Pick in promotion for the new record, Constellations.

  • Client Zaac Pick
  • Production company DDG
  • Director Brock Davis Mitchell
  • ClientZaac Pick
  • Production CompanyDDG
  • DirectorBrock Davis Mitchell
  • StarringBrittany KishKyle Smith
  • Special Thanks ToReagan Cole McLeanNick ThomasChris KriegerChantelle KolesnikMandy BalakBranded YYCJames BoettcherLaura JauchMcDougall Stoney Mission