Coward – Boreal Sons

Coward is an action thriller about a father trying to provide for his family, and his maniacal friend convincing him to rob a local convenience store in order to solve their financial issues.

Struggling with poverty, he now has to face his own morality, and what image he wants to bestow upon his daughter’s upbringing.

  • Client Boreal Sons
  • Production company
  • Director Brock Davis Mitchell
  • Director of Photography Nick Thomas
  • Co-ProducerMartin Brown
  • Music Written and Performed ByBoreal Sons
  • StarringGraeme BlackMark KryskoDenise HearinEvan AchesonReagan Cole McLeanTroy MerrickLeila KaarasemakerMartin Brown
  • Production ManagerChris Krieger
  • Assistant CameraChantelle Kolesnik
  • Production AssistantDavid Guzman
  • Makeup SupervisorAlanna Widgiz
  • Special Thanks ToZachary SchultzJoanna & Ryan KaarsemakerKevin BrookwellLulu MazulaBrayden LloydAlex CaufieldShannon EvansLeo WiserSteve WhiteBecky ScottDan CostelloTony YacowarPenny RajputPrem GillRobert CalderLissa Craig
  • Supported ByTelusPublic RecordsActraBleeding Arts IndustriesCalgary Economic DevelopmentCalgary Police ServiceAaron Paramedical