Culture Shock – Tap Root Actors Academy

Having defaced their cousin’s mural, Joey is sent off to Culture Camp on their family’s settlement to face the consequences of their actions. But, the world they once ignored and distanced themselves from, now takes them in; and Joey is confronted by a new identity.

DDG is a contributing member of Tap Root Actors Academy. Providing education, mentorship, technical consultation, equipment, and post production services for the camp’s original films.

  • Client Tap Root Actors Academy
  • Production company Tap Root Actors Academy, DDG
  • Director Barry Bilinsky
  • featuringChloey WhiteKali WhiteLaylah Sanderson-MacdonaldMya ForestSophia CardinalKaliyah ThunderAmelia Mclintock HardyAlice CardinalGerald WhiteSeth HamelinAudrina WhitfordNoah Waskahat-WhiteParis Poitras
  • kohkumMarjorie White
  • camp counsellor Riley Gladue
  • campersDarcy Boostrom-TocherAvery LaroseOphelia JacksonKennedy Whitford
  • executive producerTantoo Cardinal
  • produced byGrace Hardy
  • production coordinatorKennedy Whitford
  • production assistantBlake Thompson
  • assistant directorKerry Johnson
  • acting mentorJillian Dion
  • director of photographyBrock Davis Mitchell
  • camera assistantAdelle White
  • key grip & gafferBraden Dereniwski
  • gripSpencer Blyan
  • sound operatorValerie Siu
  • makeup artistRiley Gladue
  • assisted byTeanna Cardinal
  • collaborative writersZoey WhiteChloey WhiteKali WhiteMya ForestAdelle WhiteDarcy Boostrom-TocherSophia CardinalAudrina WhitfordGerald WhiteAlice CardinalAvery LaroseKaliyah ThunderMarcie Collins-ThompsonBarry Bilinsky
  • cree translationsMarjorie White
  • featuring mural artwork byRiley Gladue
  • editor & finishingBrock Davis Mitchell
  • catering provided byJack & Donna Lynis
  • volunteersDarren WhitfordRandal Hardy
  • produced with the support ofIndigenous Screen OfficeDeluxe Design GroupKikino Métis Settlement