Down the Rabbyt Hole – Lyndsay Kristy Labrecque

Lyndsay Kristy Labrecque opens up about her conflicted childhood and how difficult it was for her to come to terms with being transgender. 
Lyndsay constantly felt the need to hide her clothing and femininity from the outside world. After so many years of feeling bottled-up, she now feels her true self is just exploding. She hopes this short documentary will encourage all of us to not only accept ourselves but to accept others and never apologize for doing what we love. 
  • Client Lyndsay Kristy Labrecque
  • Production company DDG
  • Director Chantelle Kolesnik
  • Produced byChantelle Kolesnik
  • Director of PhotographyChantelle Kolesnik
  • EditorChantelle Kolesnik
  • FeaturingLyndsay Kristy Labrecque