Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra | Rune Bergmann


Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Braden Dereniwski – Cinematographer & Editor

Braden Dereniwski is an adaptive multidisciplinary filmmaker whose hard working attitude and calm personality make him a valuable asset as part of a team. Having been brought up in the rural Canadian farming lifestyle he understands nothing is achieved easily or on your own, you’re only as good as those around you and that repetition is key in honing your craft.

His experience ranges from documentary, music video, commercial, corporate, live music production as well as numerous hours spent on various film sets and behind monitors. Experienced working with Arri, Canon, and Sony Camera systems. Braden joined the team at DDG in May of 2015.

Braden’s vision is to portray real people’s trials and tribulations while reflecting the story through their eyes in a visually cinematic way, and surrounding himself with like-minded, great people dedicated to creating meaningful stories.