2019 Demo Reel


Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper – Cinematographer

Grant Cooper is a Director of Photography with extensive experience in commercial and narrative work, exploring his passion for cinematography locally and internationally.

Cooper first began filming in the skateboard community, where he developed a detailed, vibrant style that’s at once immersive and candid. Fueled by Bubbly™ and inspired by the juxtaposition between satire and drama, his work is influenced by his love of cartoons, dark comedies, and sci-fi, combining the natural with the surreal.

Balancing a meticulous approach to composition with an authentic feel, Cooper creates images that become part of the performance through movement, colour, and light. Though he loves a pretty image, he’s also invested in telling an engaging story with contrasting elements that add tension, atmosphere, and style to everything he shoots.

As an emerging cinematographer based in Canada, Cooper enjoys working with collaborators who are pushing their craft and taking on challenging, new projects to further develop his eye.

portrait by: Kaitlin Moerman