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Disaster strikes Kikino during the annual baseball extravaganza, forcing those that can to bunker down. Local internet celebrity Kit Kat Thompson escaped this place once before, what makes this time any different? Everyone struggles to determine what the future might hold, how to survive, and where exactly is Home.

DDG is a contributing member of Tap Root Actors Academy. Providing education, mentorship, technical consultation, equipment, and post production services for the camp’s original films.

  • Client Tap Root Actors Academy
  • Production company Tap Root Actors Academy, DDG
  • Director Barry Bilinsky
  • FeaturingParis PoitrasKash ThompsonRoss HopeJasmine PaulCadence BrettonGavin HardyKaylan LavalleeKagen McNamaraAdrienne LynisTeanna Cardinal
  • Paris’ UncleSpencer Blyan
  • Gavin’s FatherLee Hardy
  • Prayer LeaderKennedy Whitford
  • Radio HostDenise White
  • Baseball AnnouncerCameron Laviolette
  • Community MemberKendra Tocher
  • Baseball TeamRiley GladueAlice CardinalGerald White
  • Created byThe Youth of Kikino
  • Story byGavin HardyKaylan LavaleeCadence BrettonKagen McNamara
  • Written byBarry Bilinsky
  • Director of PhotographyBrock Davis Mitchell
  • Assistant CameraStephanie Jager
  • Key Grip & GafferAlyssa Howland
  • Sound OperatorJaimie Stewart
  • Supported byZoey WhiteKaylan LavalleeCadence Bretton
  • Makeup byRiley Gladue
  • Assisted byTeanna Cardinal
  • Set DecoratingBlake ThompsonGrace HardyKennedy WhitfordGavin HardyRoss HopeSpencer Blyan
  • Catering Provided byPhyllis ErasmusMaggie McConnellRoxanne Pooyak
  • Acting MentorSpencer Blyan
  • Cree TranslationsMarjorie White
  • Executive ProducerTattoo Cardinal
  • ProducerGrace Hardy
  • Production CoordinatorKennedy Whitford
  • Assistant Production LeadSpencer Blyan
  • Editor & FinishingBrock Davis Mitchell
  • Visual EffectsBrock Davis MitchellMorgan Ermter
  • Original Music Composition byRandy Boettcher
  • VolunteersKerry JohnsonAshlin QuintalChasity DesjarlaisEdna DesjarlaisBrooklynn MorinJackie SchneiderLindsay WhiteTanya DesjarlaisLee HardyBlake ThompsonAshley HupkaRandal HardyPhil McNamaraTrish MorinLaramie McNamara
  • Produced with the support of Indigenous Screen OfficeThe Government of CanadaDeluxe Design GroupKikino Métis Settlement