Whistling Woods – Tap Root Actors Academy

Snacks, board games, staring at their phones – these kids have done everything they can to stave off boredom. Except something they were told NEVER to do – whistle into the dark dark woods and lure the dark spirits within. But that was just a story… or is there truth to those terrifying tales after all?

DDG is a contributing member of Tap Root Actors Academy. Providing education, mentorship, technical consultation, equipment, and post production services for the camp’s original films.

  • Client Tap Root Actors Academy
  • Production company Tap Root Actors Academy DDG
  • Director Barry Bilinsky
  • FeaturingAmelia HardyAvery LaRoseGerald WhiteSeth HamelinMarcie Collins-ThompsonAlice Cardinal
  • Young BoyLyncoln Thompson
  • Eaten BrotherCameron Laviolette
  • WitchesAudrina WhitfordKaliyah Thunder
  • VillagersKali WhiteEden LavioletteMya Forest
  • ExplorersAdelle WhiteSophia CardinalChloe White
  • Created byThe Youth of Kikino
  • Story byAlice CardinalMaria Boostrom-Tocher
  • Written byBarry Bilinsky
  • Assistant Director & Acting MentorSpencer Blyan
  • Cree Translations byMarjorie White
  • Executive ProducerTattoo Cardinal
  • ProducerGrace Hardy
  • Production Coordinator Kennedy Whitford
  • Assistant Production LeadSpencer Blyan
  • Director of Photography Brock Davis Mitchell
  • Camera OperatorStephanie Jager
  • Key Grip & GafferAlyssa Howland
  • Sound Operator Jaimie Stewart
  • Supported byDarcy Boostrom-TocherSophia CardinalZoey WhiteAvery LaRoseMaria Boostrom-Tocher
  • Makeup byRiley Gladue
  • Assisted byTeanna Cardinal
  • Set DecoratingTilleah Thompson
  • Assisted by Blake ThompsonGrace HardyKennedy Whitford
  • Editor & FinishingBrock Davis Mitchell
  • Catering Provided byPhyllis ErasmusMaggie McConnellRoxanne Pooyak
  • VolunteersKerry JohnsonAshlin QuintalChasity DesjarlaisEdna DesjarlaisBrooklynn MorinJackie SchneiderLindsay WhiteTanya DesjarlaisLee HardyBlake ThompsonAshley HupkaRandal HardyPhil McNamaraTrish MorinLaramie McNamara
  • Produced with the support ofIndigenous Screen OfficeThe Government of CanadaDeluxe Design GroupKikino Métis Settlement