Obscheenies – Tap Root Actors Academy

A new roster of camp counsellors arrive at a lake side resort for the summer, but they quickly learn that the stories are true: there is more in the woods than you know.

Tantoo Cardinal’s Tap Root Actors Academy (TRAA) is an acting and filmmaking academy for Indigenous youth based in Kikino Métis Settlement, Alberta. Tap Root exists to provide Metis artistic and cultural knowledge to inform and inspire artistic practices and vision in Metis youth. Tap Root also invites family and community members to offer their time and spaces for storytelling and volunteering. The Academy gives the youth an opportunity to engage in the cultural landscape of the country, to discover that their stories matter.

DDG is a contributing member of Tap Root Actors Academy. Providing education, mentorship, technical consultation, equipment, and post production services for the camp’s original films.

  • Client Tap Root Actors Academy
  • Production company Tap Root Actors Academy & DDG
  • Director Barry Bilinsky
  • StarringTeanna CardinalCameron LavioletteRoss HopeKash ThompsonAdrienne LynisJasmine PaulSpencer Blyan
  • School bus kidsGavin HardyKagen McNamaraAva LaRoseEden Laviolette
  • Obscheenie VoicesAmelia HardyLexyn Quintal-ThompsonAmelia Boucher
  • Cree translation and readingsMarjorie White
  • Story byThe Youth of Kikino
  • Written & DirectedBarry Bilinsky
  • Story assist byTeanna CardinalAdrienne LynisJasmin PaulKash Thompson
  • Produced byClayton Conroy
  • Production CoordinatorGrace Hardy
  • Executive ProducerTantoo Cardinal
  • Produced with the support ofIndigenous Screen OfficeThe Government of CanadaCalgary Society of Independent FilmmakersDeluxe Design GroupKikino Métis Settlement
  • Director of PhotographyBrock Davis Mitchell
  • Assisted bySpencer BlyanJaimie Stewart
  • Supported byJohn Ritchie
  • Music composition & performance byBrianne Lizotte
  • Music recorded byJohnny Blerot